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RHI Acquires a 69.6% Stake in India Orient Refractories

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804-A, Chiranjiv Tower
43 Nehru Place
New Delhi 110 019
Regd. Off.:+91 11 41518482
Work: +91 1493 222266
By Fax Works: +91 1493 222269
By email: info@orlindia.com
Headquartered in New Delhi, India, ORL’s manufacturing facility is located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan and has the distinction of being ISO - 9001 quality certified.

This facility began commercial production in 1986. The division also has an allied plant based in Salem, Tamilnadu for manufacturing monolithics.

The Bhiwadi facility is spread over 27 acres of land. The refractory facility is divided into 3 independent sub-divisions one each for the manufacture of slide gate plates, continuous casting refractories and castables and pre-cast shapes. The division currently produces more than 70,000 pieces of slide gate plate, 30,000 pieces of Continuous Casting Refractory products and over 2000 tons of catables and mortars on a monthly basis.

As mentioned earlier, all the products manufactured are a result of an intensive development effort, which is carried out at the in-house Research and Development facility. This research and development facility is recognised by the Government of India and is fully equipped to carry out all testing and development activities with a wide range of equipment including:

· XRD Equipment
· TG – DTA
· Dialotometer – RTE
· Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
· Creep Tester
· HOMR testing equipment
· Partical size analyser

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