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RHI Acquires a 69.6% Stake in India Orient Refractories

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804-A, Chiranjiv Tower
43 Nehru Place
New Delhi 110 019
Regd. Off.:+91 11 41518482
Work: +91 1493 222266
By Fax Works: +91 1493 222269
By email: info@orlindia.com

    The product range includes the following:
Isostatically Pressed Continuous Casting Refractories
Slide Gate Plates
Nozzles and Well Blocks
Tundish Nozzles
Bottom Purging Refractories and Top Purging Lances
Slag Arresting Darts
Basic Spray Mass for Tundish Working Lining

The products are custom made to suit the casting conditions and grade of steel being cast

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