Ladle to Tundish Shrouds

These are used to protect and control the flow of steel from the Ladle to the Tundish. Made of Alumina Carbon quality they can be used for both hot and cold starts. Ladle Shrouds are custom made to meet the specific use of each customer with options to provide for metal can, ceramic paper wrapping, porus insert etc.

Monoblock Stoppers

Monoblock Stopper (MBS) is used to control the flow of steel through the Tundish Nozzle. It is made of Magnesia Carbon or Alumina Carbon quality with special compositions at the tip and slag zone to suit customer requirements. Cross pin or screw fastening or gas purging facilities are provided as and when required.

Submerged Entry Nozzle/ Submerged Entry Shrouds

The Submerged Entry Nozzle (SEN) and Submerged Entry Shroud (SES) protect the steel flow from the Tundish to the mould. SEN is fixed inside the Tundish and also functions as a Tundish Nozzle. SES on the other hand is fitted from the outside on the Tundish Nozzle. The body is made of Alumina Carbon quality while the seat and slag zone are made of different qualities as per customer requirements including Zirconiz-Carbon and Magnesia Carbon quality. The SEN and the SES are protected from the outside with a ceramic paper lining.

Convertor Tap Hole Sleeve

The Convertor Tap Hole Sleeve is used to control the flow of steel from the converter. They are generally Magnesite based and are isostatically pressed.

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